Ora John Reuter

Associate Professor of Political Science - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Active Projects:

The Demand for Elections under Autocracy:  Regime Approval and the Cancellation of Local Elections in Russia (with Noah Buckley and Quintin Beazer)

Endogenous Popularity:  How Perceptions of Regime Support Affect the Popularity of Authoritarian Regimes’  (with Noah Buckley, Kyle Marquardt, and Katerina Tertychnaya

Vote Mobilization, Economic Performance, and Gubernatorial Appointments in Russia  (with Rostislav Turovsky)

Shoring up Power: Strengthening Regime Parties via Electoral Reform (with Jennifer Gandhi and Abigail Heller)

Political Machines at Work:  Voter Mobilization and Electoral Subversion in the Workplace (Book Manuscript)  (with Timothy Frye and David Szakonyi)

The Politics of Passivity: Mobilization and Demobilization in Contemporary Autocracies (Book Manuscript)

Hibernating Projects:

The Logic of Subnational Appointments in Russia

Political Participation and the Survival of Electoral Authoritarian Regimes




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